How to take care of your nails?

1-Wash your hands:

Before filing your nails, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to get rid of oil that can interfere with the filing.

2-Dry your hands thoroughly: 

Make sure your hands and nails are dry before you begin. Liquid can dry out nails and make them more likely to break during filing.

3-Select a nail file:

Although there are several types of nail files you can choose from, emery boards are both affordable and effective. 

Try using a file with a softer grain of about 180-200 to prevent the edges from looking rough or crunchy.

If you want to use a separate file to finish your nails, choose one with high grain, around 300-600, to get the smoothest edge.

Coarse grains, around 80-100 grains, should only be used with gel nails.
If you use them with natural nails, they will tear up your nails.

Avoid metal files as they can also tear up your natural nails.

4-Determine your nail shape:

There are many nail shapes to choose from, but the most basic shapes are oval, square and almond. 

Deciding what shape you want depends on what you prefer and what type of nails you have.

Oval shaped nails are a great way to grow and maintain your nails. It is the most functional because your nails are least likely to fall off in this form. 

Oval-shaped nails are symmetrically round at the tip. This type of nail gives an elongated, feminine look.

Square nails work well with people who have long nails. The square shape comes from filing the nail straight into the tip all the way across the nail.

Almond-shaped nails are good for making your fingers look narrower. The shape mimics the curve at the base of your nail.

Do you have short nails that cannot be shaped?

It's not a big deal. Use what you have to work with and apply cuticle oil on them every night to help them grow for future shaping.

5-Hold the file parallel to the side of the nail:

Hold the file parallel to the side of the nail when you start filing. This will prevent crime.

Be careful not to file too far into the side of the nail. Doing so can make your nails more susceptible to breakage

File by moving from the side of the nail to the center. It is important to file the nail from the side to the center in one direction with a fluid motion. This will ensure that your nail is smooth and not prickly.

You should never "saw" your nails back and forth with a nail file. This will cause peeling and breakage of the nail.

Hold the file flat against the nail tip. When filing your nails from side to center, always keep the nail file perpendicular to the nail tip. This will prevent the nail from weakening during filing.

Filing at an angle from above can make the nails thin.If your nails are already thin, hold the nail file flat against the nail and tilt it to file from something under the nail

Finish the filing by holding the file parallel to the other side of the nail. Move the file from its perpendicular position at the tip of the nail to the opposite side of the nail you started from. Make sure you keep the file parallel to the side of the nail.

Apply cuticle oil and moisturize. Apply cuticle oil regularly to your nails and keep your hands moisturized to ensure healthy nails. Every time you wash your hands, you should apply cuticle oil and moisturizer.

Keeping your cuticles moisturized helps prevent sagging nails. Store cuticle oil and moisturizer next to the soap at the sink as a reminder to apply regularly.